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Obtaining finance can be a lengthy and complicated process at the best of times, let alone without the right knowledge and support. The terminology, the paperwork, the variability in lender requirements…

That’s where we come in. At Finance Craft, we take the lending process and make it an art form. We help you every step of the way from research, application, understanding the paperwork, right through to settlement. We’ve got over a decade of experience and a wealth of connections that will enable us to simplify the process. We take our time to get to know you and your needs to ensure we reach your ideal financial solution.

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Buying your first home, next home or investment property?

You’ve been looking around at the market, but you’re not quite sure where to go from here. Having a good idea of your borrowing capacity is a great place to start. However, each bank and lender work out your borrowing capacity slightly different.

At Finance Craft, we have access to the actual calculators the banks use. We can therefore give you an overall guide, and also a very specific borrowing capacity for a particular bank or lender. From there we can discuss your ideal home loan options based on your unique requirements and objectives. Once you’re ready, we can apply with the lender on your behalf.

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Refinance to get a better deal

Leaving your home loan as set and forget can be a costly decision. Often, your existing bank may reduce your interest rate after a year or two if good conduct is shown. However, the home loan space is very competitive and banks often come out with special deals to bring across new borrowers. That’s when refinancing could help you reduce your interest charges and minimum monthly repayment. Refinancing is also a great opportunity to restructure your loan to better suit your needs.

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